"Fungi Love" is my final VFX Project at 'Vancouver Film School'.

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Who is this Guy?


My name in Alan Millán Uribe, I was born and raised in the colorful Mexico City. I got a Bachelor's degree in "Interactive Design & Media" at 'Universidad Iberoamericana' as well as a Honour recognition in "3D animation & Visual Effects" at Vancouver Film School.

I am a VFX artist with a huge passion of bringing a visual delight through beautiful imagery. I am constantly inspired by my surroundings.

I am looking forward to working in a creative and friendly environment and expanding my knowledge in the VFX field.

Technical Skills


Soft Skills

I am a creative mind hungry of knowledge and newpuzzles to solve, I have good communication skills & work well under pressure.

I have experience working in a team environment and I thoroughly enjoy learning as well as sharing knowledge.

I have always been attracted to Animation and Storytelling in any medium.

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(788)939 9816

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